Bao Lo...

I'm known by my family as 'Bao Lo' which translates to bao boy, lad or guy in Cantonese. The name was given to me at a young age due to the fact that I was and still am addicted to any bao! Truth is I love bao. Whether it's char siu bao, lai wong bao, leen yong bao and the rest! 

For those of you who don't know, bao is a form of bun, think bread, but steamed into a softer, fluffier and lighter white bun. 

Me and my friend went on a hungover mission through Central in Hong Kong looking for Little Bao. It was my first time eating there so I was ridiculously excited to start chomping down my youth's all time favourite cantonese dish - the bao.

After walking up a number of narrow stairs and hills (if you know Central you know my pain), we managed to get to Little Bao just in time before I started getting my food-mood swings.

You can't fault the service in this place. As soon as we arrived, the dude serving us was ever so helpful, spoke better English than me (not hard with the Birmingham accent) and was always on hand to take any requests.

The restaurant itself is in a small premises (similar size to Bao London). However with that comes the intimate feel with your food and the guys preparing it in front your own eyes.

So the food...

...where do we start. It's a small menu consisting of sharing dishes, bao infused dishes and 'sweet ending' dishes. You then essentially get a choice of a sharing starter, few bao's and a dessert. What more do you want?

Truffle Fries: Shiitake tempeh, truffle mayo, pickled daikon. Mix this dish up and the flavours really come to life. Don't eat too much though otherwise you'll be too full for the main bao's! Forget chilli cheese fries and whatever else fries. This is the one. 

Pork Belly: Slow-braised pork belly, leek & shiso red onion salad, sesame dressing, hoisin ketchup. Soft, succulent and melts in your mouth. Slow-braised pork belly is one of the traditional ingredients for a lot of Cantonese dishes. 

Beef: Grass-fed organic beef, tomato jam, roasted onion sesame mayo, shiso, cheddar cheese. Think bao and burger. It is what it is! 

Szechuan Fried Chicken: What is it with fried chicken in bao's that just makes my eyes, ears and nose perk up like a strange animal? This is why: deep fried chicken, Chinese black vinegar glaze, Szechuan mayo, colesaw. The chicken is thick, moist, crispy and all the flavours of the vinegar and spicy mayo just explode. Love it. 


LB Green Tea Ice Cream Bao

I unfortunately (regretfully) didnt get to try out this green tea ice cream bao. This goes back to my warning of not eating too much to begin with! I had a similar version in London from Bao London. It was a deep fried bao with Horlicks ice cream - just too tasty. 

Be sure to swing past if you're in HK. 

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